College Guidelines

Upon successful completion of the theoretical and practical components of a course, you will need to demonstrate to Paramount College or their nominee that you are ready to accept graduation.

It is a student’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with all relevant policies and procedures. We will cover the following issues in more detail during the Student Induction.

Access & Equity

Paramount College has an Access, Equity and Fairness Policy. College facilities are available to all, irrespective of race, colour, creed, sex, national heritage, veteran status or disability. We are open to your input to help and improve our College and positive suggestions are appreciated.


Students are required to participate in assessments at the scheduled times; notification of assessments are given at commencement of each module.  Should unforeseen circumstances prevent your participation at the appropriate time, deferred assessment may be arranged (additional costs may apply).  Further information is available from Paramount College.  Academic records will be withheld until all outstanding fees have been paid.

Client Support & Guidance Services

The welfare of our students is of utmost importance to all staff at Paramount College. Feel free to approach us to discuss your concerns.  Paramount College also undertake to support students who are having difficulty in completing their studies.  A counsellor is available by appointment.


Upon enrolment, it is understood that a student’s details remain confidential. Your details will not be disclosed to a third party unless authorised in writing by you, or compelled by law.  In accordance with professional ethics, it is also expected that confidentiality concerning your student colleagues and clients within the clinic be maintained.  Students have the right to request a copy of their personal file.

Intellectual Property

Cheating and/or plagiarism is not tolerated at Paramount College of Natural Health. All students are provided with detailed information concerning this topic at our Student Induction day. Should you not understand the nature of cheating and/or plagiarism, please refer to the Policies and Procedures which are available for you to download from our website or alternatively from Paramount College administration.  Should you have any further doubt, do not hesitate to discuss this issue with the Faculty Manager.

All Paramount College training material remains the intellectual property of Paramount College of Natural Health, and is not to be reproduced in any way, other than for its intended use, to provide students who are enrolled at Paramount College with their education in this exciting field; it is not for distribution or dissemination otherwise.

Disciplinary Action

A breach of any Paramount College policies may result in disciplinary action. Severity of the action is determined by the severity of the breach.  Instant expulsion shall be made in the case of serious misconduct, e.g. sexual harassment.  Unlawful misconduct shall be reported to the police immediately.

Drugs & Alcohol

Paramount College has a drug and alcohol free policy for all students and staff. Students and staff shall be free of the effects of drugs and alcohol while on college business.  The use and possession of illegal drugs is unlawful and subject to immediate expulsion.


Paramount College strives to maintain an environment where all are free from harassment, and will not tolerate any behaviour which may compromise this standard.  Harassment means any offensive, unwelcome physical or verbal behaviour.  It can include unsolicited comments or conduct related to a person’s race, national origin, religion, sex or disability. In today’s world, this can also be electronically communicated.

Private Practice

Students are ineligible for professional indemnity insurance cover, and therefore will be personally liable should any claim arise.  Your Student Clinic provides the appropriate supervised environment in which students may develop their professional skills.

Student Complaints, Grievances & Appeals

All students have the right to appeal an assessment result.  Should you have a grievance, complaint or wish to make an appeal, please contact staff who will assist you with such issues.

Fees and Charges

Please refer to the Tuition Fees brochure provided separately.

Courses which are not being studied as part of an accredited qualification will attract GST; accredited training is GST free.

Please refer to administration for acceptable payment methods.  Academic Results will be withheld until all outstanding fees are received.

Refund Policy

Refund policies and procedures are designed to be fair to both parties; please refer to the published policies and procedures and/or administration for details.


Paramount College does not offer deferment; students may withdraw from their studies without academic or financial penalty prior to the Administration Date determined for the module, and published each time the module is offered (cancellation fees may apply); please refer to our policies and procedures.

Skills Recognition

Paramount College offers skill recognition and may provide exemptions to you based on your work experience and relevant previous studies.  Please refer to our policies and procedures or contact the Faculty Manager for more information.

You must submit your application for Skills Recognition with your enrolment application prior to commencing the module.  There is a tuition fee associated with each request for skills recognition, based on the module/s concerned. If a student enrols in and has access to a module for which they later apply for Skills Recognition, full payment for the module will be required.

Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer is available to those students who can provide evidence of successful completion of any appropriate units from the National Health Training Package from another RTO.

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