Things are changing in the world. As we learn and understand more about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, more people are becoming conscious of the food they and their families are consuming. The trouble is, with so much conflicting information out there, people are struggling to work out what constitutes a good nutritional balance. In a health conscious world, there is a real demand for people who understand the complexities and can make the important health and diet recommendations we need to be the healthiest versions of ourselves.

If you have a passion for health and nutrition, and want to learn more about how nutrition can aid in disease prevention and increase overall wellbeing, a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine from Paramount College of Natural Medicine could be the degree for you. But you may be wondering: what are the career prospects of someone with a Nutritional Medicine degree? Here is what your future could look like after studying with Paramount College.

Work in a Natural Health Care Centre

The highly specialised nutritional medicine skills and knowledge our students graduate with will see them eligible to work in complementary health care centres. Some health care centre roles you’ll be able to apply for include: nutritionist, nutritional medicine clinician, nutritional therapist and more. Nutritional medical therapists help clients manage their health and well-being by formulating dietary plans, providing advice on treatment for specific conditions and supplying nutritional supplements. You will be able to help clients with their complex, chronic health problems by formulating customised treatment and health management plans.

Work for Yourself

Graduates will leave Paramount College armed with the skills they need to start their own private practice. The number of self-employed nutritional medicine practitioners is growing and running your own business is becoming a more attractive option for many graduates. By starting your own practice you can build your own loyal client base and you can even operate out of the comfort of your own home. Other benefits of running your own practice include: having the flexibility to choose your own hours or schedule clients around other life commitments, your potential earning power is greater than if you work for someone else.

Other Industries

Understanding nutritional medicine opens the doors into a range of different industries. There is a growing demand for nutritionists or people with skills and knowledge in nutritional medicine in a host of different fields, including: The food industry, psychology, social welfare, health retreats, education, retail, marketing, research and product development. The sky’s the limit! So turn your passion for nutrition into a career and apply online today!