If you have an interest in complementary medicine, herbalism, diet and nutrition, you may be interested in the study of naturopathy. Complementary medicine courses are an emerging field of study in the academic world, and Paramount College is the only place in Australia where students can graduate with a 3-year, first class Bachelor of Naturopathy degree.

But where do graduates go once they have gained their qualifications? What sort of careers can they have? Here’s a look at where your Bachelor of Naturopathy can take you.

The Study of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a complete system of healthcare built on holistic principles and the overarching philosophy that the body is self-healing given the right circumstances. Instead of treating a disease, naturopathy treats the person with lifestyle and diet alterations, natural remedies and nutritional supplements. Naturopathic philosophy believes in the healing power of nature when treating a patient and will not only aim to treat existing conditions, but to act as a preventative measure against any future medical issues.

Careers in Naturopathy

After completing a Bachelor of Naturopathy with Paramount College, graduates will be qualified and equipped to practice in their own professional clinic or work with an established complementary hgealth practice. This degree will see them eligible to apply for the peak professional associations, such as the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA).

If at the end of your degree, you’re not interested in taking the clinical practitioner path of treating clients from either your own clinic or from another complementary centre, there are other career options available. Qualified naturopaths are able to take educational roles as lecturers or supervisors in an educational institution. Some graduates find specialist roles at health retreats, health food stores, pharmacies or day spas and there are even occasionally media roles in radio, newspapers and industry publications for people with a naturopathy background.

Understanding the natural medicine aspects of naturopathy opens up opportunities to work as a representative for complementary health product companies, helping to develop new natural health products or taking up more technical positions within the company. There is also a demand for naturopaths in safety and compliance in areas like health care reform.

If you have a passion for natural medicine and naturopathy, enrol in a Bachelor of Naturopathy degree online today.