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What Our Students are Saying?

I came to Paramount as a first time mature-aged student studying online. While some of the process was quite challenging, the support I received from the staff was amazing, the information provided in the modules was interesting and useful in my homeopathic practice and the comments from the tutors positive and helpful. My best moment? The graduation dinner in Perth, which was a fantastic evening and made all the struggle worthwhile! Thanks Paramount
My time studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences in naturopathy at Paramount College was an extremely rewarding experience.The lecturers are some of the most well-informed and knowledgeable in their field that I have encountered. I experienced genuine care and understanding from all the staff at Paramount and felt very supported for the duration of my study there.In today’s phenomenally expanding health and well-being sector I feel more confident and well equipped with the knowledge and qualification I have acquired during my time at Paramount College.
Q. Why did you choose the course you're currently studying? I  wanted to find a new direction in life and do something that I love for a living. Growing up I was fascinated by flowers and have always loved nature. When I had the opportunity in my life to go back to school I decided to do naturopathy as I already had a love of plants and wanted to learn more about their healing nature.Q.  What is a standout element you've learnt so far that's really captured your attention and inspired further thought? How much our health relies on us having a healthy intestinal system and that so many diseases stem from an unhappy "gut".Q. What does your day-today schedule consist of? After school drop off for my daughter I'm either at the college or  back at home doing either my online courses or studying and assignments for the face to face classes. Classes are only two or three days a week and finish in time for school pick up.Q. What has surprised you most, in terms of living to a schedule of classes and studying? That it works well for me and I can fit in family time as well as study time. When my daughter is at school I'm doing school work too and when she's doing her homework I'm doing mine.Q. In what way does the course bring you closer to your longterm goals? It will enable me to work for myself and do consults on my own time and work around my family.Q. Do you feel the course has widened your understanding of the field you want to work in, and the opportunities therein? Definitely. Being a naturopath doesn't mean that there is only one outcome as a practitioner at the end of the course. There are so many other opportunities and fields to branch into.Q. What have you discovered about yourself as a result of taking the course? I have found it easier to study and remember information as I am doing something I have an interest in. I work well under pressure.Q. When people considering the course ask for your feedback, what do you tell them? It is a very intense course. Not only do we have to know the how and why of plants as medicine but also for nutrition, human biology, pathology, pharmacology and a whole host of other subjects. It is an absolutely amazing course and I learn new things everyday.
A bachelor upgrade was a natural choice for myself as a naturopath, due to the Advanced Diploma becoming obsolete. I chose Paramount due to their commitment to evidence based practice and through knowing exceptionally competent graduates of their naturopathy degree. Through the research based subjects in the upgrade, I became confident in interpreting scientific literature and now work for one of Australia’s leading practitioner only brands in Product development and Regulatory affairs. Without the research subjects and thesis I completed through the upgrade, I don’t feel I would have been confident enough to secure such a sought after role. The academic staff and academic support staff answered every question I had and were dedicated to providing a quality educational experience throughout the duration of the course.
I chose to study naturopathy at Paramount College of Natural Health for a number of reasons. They offer an accredited bachelor programme, which is highly regarded and has seen some of their students work overseas. They have smaller classes than other colleges and I felt this would assist my learning. I liked the flexibility of studying both online and face-to-face. The staff were approachable and answered all my queries. It just felt like I would be supported in my learning from early on.The college has exceeded my expectations in providing some of the most talented, professional and intelligent lecturers, tutors and mentors. I have been very fortunate to cross paths with these highly skilled teachers and practitioners in gaining an understanding of their depth-of-knowledge. They impart their real-life experiences in both a clinical and scientific perspective. Their guidance is invaluable, constructive and interesting. At times, the course can be challenging to say the least, but there is always support if needed. I have grown and learnt much throughout my time at PCNM. As a college, they are continually furthering their association with government accreditation so that their courses remain compliant and reputable. It’s only in hindsight and nearing the end of my studies that I see so much effort has come from many directions to make sure that we ultimately leave with enough clinical knowledge, experience and competence as future practitioners. It’s a big course, a lovely college and I’m glad I’ve taken this journey. And the bonus is that I’ve met some amazing peers and friends along the way.
I have been a Naturopath for over twenty years and decided two years ago to update my Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, for a Health Science Degree majoring in naturopathy with Paramount College. I wanted to update my skills and also add another layer of credibility to my qualifications.Paramount College were great. I was able to have my relevant previous qualifications given recognition and the tuition I received while studying there was relevant and useful immediately in my practice. I studied primarily through distance modules and was able to contact either lecturers or support staff for aid when I needed it.
I enjoyed my degree upgrade with Paramount and found the subjects relevant and interesting. I found the degree filled in the gaps from my Advanced Diploma. I upgraded my degree mainly for personal satisfaction but I have found my business and my reputation has grown as a result of more recent knowledge.
I have a special place in my heart for the Paramount College of Natural Health, its lecturers, and the students that I studied along side. I was a personal trainer when I began my course and three very intense years later I was also a qualified remedial therapist and naturopath. This college brought out the best in me, helped me grow as a enlightened being, and allowed me to reach potentials I didn't know existed.Upon completion of my courses, I gained immediate employment in a health centre and also a sports injury clinic, treating many patients. Within a year I was offered a FIFO position as a wellness coordinator on the world's largest oil & gas project where I'm currently earning a 6 figure salary specializing in health promotion.The health science degree I earned at Paramount empowered me with the ability of critical analysis and lead me to begin writing my first book about natural medicine: The No Bullshit Guide to Wellness.Studying at the Paramount College of Natural Health was challenging at times but it was the best decision I've made in my life - and it could be the best decision in your life too.

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Our holistic health degrees are government-accredited

Do you have an interest in natural health? If you have been searching for a college of complementary medicine, you’ve come to the perfect place to spearhead your holistic health care career. Paramount Higher Education offers quality, in-depth courses in Perth. We are proud to have provided countless graduates the foundation required to embark on successful careers and look forward to continuing this. Get in touch with our dedicated customer services team to find out how you can begin your path in this rewarding and interesting industry.

We’re committed to you

Since our establishment, we have been driven by a passion and commitment to equip individuals with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to offer world-class service in their respective holistic health care careers. Paramount College offers accredited holistic health degrees that are recognised across Australia.

What is a Naturopath?

A Naturopath is a health practitioner who applies complementary medicine and offers treatment using natural medicine. This holistic approach uses natural medicine to restore and maintain good health through an individual’s inherent self-healing process and a host of natural remedies. It also involves a range of alternative methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

As a profession, Naturopathy has gained considerable traction and continues to gather widespread awareness and recognition. In fact, natural health practitioners and products are experiencing the fastest growth in comparison to other forms of care within in the health community and sector.

What you can expect from our courses

All of our Bachelor of Health Science degrees and certificate IVs are practitioner qualifications and designed to create safe and clinically competent practitioners.

The nationally endorsed qualifications at our college of natural medicine will equip you to provide a range of natural therapy treatments founded on the sound basis of:

Our modules are regularly reviewed, to ensure that graduates will be able to apply up-to-date knowledge, skills and best practice confidently, within a practical environment. It is a key feature that sets us apart as a higher education institution of natural medicine.

Paramount Higher Education lecturers are fully qualified to teach and have years of practical experience. You can rest assured that we’ll provide encouragement and support in an environment that gives students the flexibility to achieve their desired educational outcomes.

Am I right for natural medicine?

Whether you are looking for a satisfying career in the natural health industry, or just courses for general interest, Paramount College has something for you. We deliver a diverse range of qualifications of bachelor degrees.

Our team is also on hand and keen to discuss and address any questions you may have.

What if I can’t do full time?

Paramount’s timetable is very user friendly, and we also offer part time and online options.

How do I fit my studies around my lifestyle?

Our calendar is aligned to school and university breaks. This means if you have concerns about spending time with your kids, partners or friends there’s no need to worry. There will be ample time to relax and enjoy quality time with them.

What’s the catch?

Private education is unbelievably expensive, right? Wrong! We go the extra mile, ensuring that fees are set for 3 years so you can plan your budget long term from the moment you enroll. To find out more about fees and payment click here.

What’s more, in addition to set fees, we also have FEE-HELP.

How do I enrol?

Enrolling is simple, straightforward and hassle-free. Simply click the APPLY NOW button to send your details or follow this link. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our friendly staff to discuss study options to suit your lifestyle.

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